Abstract Submission
Abstract submission deadline has been extended to March 31th
Important Dates
Abstract submission deadline 31st Mar. 2017
Notification of acceptance before 15 Feb. 2017
Steps to submit abstracts online
1. Download abstract template. Fill the details as requested on the first page.
2. Follow the format the template to make your abstract, otherwise it may be returned to you for re-editing. Figures are allowed and the maximum file size is 1MB.
3. Please create an account in our online abstract submission/registration system. Note that you can submit an abstract first before you do registration. Later, after your abstract is accepted, then you can complete the registration process using the same system and account name.
4. Abstract needs to be submitted via the Online Submission and Registration System on or before the deadline: 23:59 on 15 January 2017 [HK Time].

Important note: please choose one of the following topics during your abstract submission.
Topic 1: Organic/Polymer Photovoltaic Materials and Devices, such as OPVs.
Topic 2: Thin-Film and Single-Crystal Organic Transistors (FET); Organic-Based Memory Devices.
Topic 3: Organic Light-Emitting Diodes, Displays and Solid-State Lighting Applications (OLED), including Aggregation Induced Emission (AIE) Materials and Devices
Topic 4: Interfacial Science related to Organic Semiconductors and Devices
Topic 5: Device Physics related to Organic Semiconductors and Devices
Topic 6: Synthesis Methodology for Organic and Hybrid Electronic Materials
Topic 7: Theory and Modeling of Electronic Processes in Organic Materials
Topic 8: (Bio) Imaging, labeling, and Sensing with Organic Chromophores/Semiconductors; Bio/Material Organic and Hybrid Devices; Organic Bioelectronics
Topic 9: Industrial Development of Organic-Based Devices; Plastic / Flexible / Printed Electronics
Topic 10: Others
Copyright © 2016 HKUST. All right reserved. Designed by PTC
Copyright © 2016 HKUST. All right reserved. Designed by PTC